Episode 5: 6th time's the charm

A child tries to cross the street alone, a parent yanks them back and sternly, but lovingly, and let’s him/her know the danger of the street. The Child never crosses the street again.

A young adult goes to a party, there’s drinks being past around, they’re under 21; but hey, it’s a party. The police show up and put the young adult in the squad car to scare some sense into them. The young adult decides to wait till they turn 21 for their next drink.

You know, most people are able to learn from a parent’s loving discipline, or even the authorities staunch warning and turn their behavior patterns around in the right direction. Count yourself blessed if this was/is you. However, not everyone is able to do this.

Some, it takes that final breakdown, that 6th arrest that finally lands them in prison, for it finally to click. And when it does they truly want to make a change. But how do they do that as they walk out of the prison gate with nothing? Who will help?

This is reentry restoration of Cayman.