Episode 8: Overcome trauma and directionless. Great, but how?

Personal sexual trauma, physical and mental abuse, substance abuse, no boundaries; and those who are supposed to guide you condone it all, or utterly reject and abandon you. All by the time your 17.

How would you know what to do?

What would you choose to do?

These aren’t excuses, they are realities, and they do play a factor in influencing your decisions.

So what makes the difference, what makes the change?

Repentance, Responsibility, Reprogramming, and Accountability.

Repentance in turning from yourself and turning to God; for healing, direction, and love. Responsibility in taking ownership for the decisions and actions you have, and will, take. Reprogramming, because your brain will rewire itself in what you train it to do, meditate on, seek after. And accountability, because without those around us to help us in our new path, it is all to easy to fall back into old habits and ways.

This is Brian’s Re-entry journey. Help him spread the word, and support, to create more opportunities to see others like Brian be successful in Re-entry.