Episode 4: Man could not write this story

I had so much, too much. No sordid past, no obvious triggers. A wife, kids, 2 masters degrees paired with a successful job. Grew up in a Christian home, and would definitely claim it as my ‘religion’. Comfort, ease, family…

Then I said “hi :)” online. And over a two year period I spent night after night wondering how it could have gone so wrong. But Christ, He came a pulled me out, and I accepted. Not as a way out of jail, but as a way out of the pit in my own mind, and completely renewed.

Now, I can’t even imagine or literally comprehend the thoughts and actions of my former life. A story no man could write, and He has brought back to Himself, to life, and even greater meaning, purpose, and success. My name is Erik, this is the story of my reentry.