Episode 6: Born deaf and mute...not anymore

Linchpin. That person everyone mentions in all their stories as the crucial person, whom without, it seems like the whole program would fall apart. That person whom you cannot duplicate, cannot do without, and seems to be everywhere and doing everything.

This is Rachael Yancy at Haven’s of Rest Ministry, a partner with Chains of Grace, and the ‘Mom’ for over 60 men in the reentry program.

Born deaf and mute, and post a multitude of surgeries, she heard her first sounds at the age of 5. Through struggling and surviving abuse by men, and coming out of a 23 year meth addiction, this energizer bunny dynamo woman of God is the backbone of the residential houses and mom to over 60 men. She now holds an LCDC certification and college degree, and that is after serving time in prison!

A true story of unrelenting passion, which she describes accurately as ‘something for which you are willing to suffer’, you will be enthralled as you listen in on a most compelling and motivating life completely given over to Christ and His restorative power.