Episode 8: Overcome trauma and directionless. Great, but how?

Personal sexual trauma, physical and mental abuse, substance abuse, no boundaries; and those who are supposed to guide you condone it all, or utterly reject and abandon you. All by the time your 17.

How would you know what to do?

What would you choose to do?

These aren’t excuses, they are realities, and they do play a factor in influencing your decisions.

So what makes the difference, what makes the change?

Repentance, Responsibility, Reprogramming, and Accountability.

Repentance in turning from yourself and turning to God; for healing, direction, and love. Responsibility in taking ownership for the decisions and actions you have, and will, take. Reprogramming, because your brain will rewire itself in what you train it to do, meditate on, seek after. And accountability, because without those around us to help us in our new path, it is all to easy to fall back into old habits and ways.

This is Brian’s Re-entry journey. Help him spread the word, and support, to create more opportunities to see others like Brian be successful in Re-entry.

Episode 7: Why and How, not as important as Who

We have heard from those who have reentered and been redeemed, even one (Rachel) who has transitioned to a life calling aiding those reentering and revitalizing as she has. But, what of those who’s life’s passion is solely wanting to see lives changed, willing to do it consistently within the system as well as after reentry, and not even get paid for it?

This is the story of Bill Curry, a state awarded VOLUNTEER chaplain and incarcerated veteran non profit program creator, who works alongside CoG to see it’s mission fulfilled by working with inmates starting where they are (in the prisons) and continuing with them all the way through the reentry process.

It’s not glamorous, its not easy, and it takes years to gain the experience, and trust, with the inmates to do it well. And as Bill testifies passionately, it is the difference of who is running the programs more than the why and how that gives you any chance of empowering those reentering to succeed.

Episode 6: Born deaf and mute...not anymore

Linchpin. That person everyone mentions in all their stories as the crucial person, whom without, it seems like the whole program would fall apart. That person whom you cannot duplicate, cannot do without, and seems to be everywhere and doing everything.

This is Rachael Yancy at Haven’s of Rest Ministry, a partner with Chains of Grace, and the ‘Mom’ for over 60 men in the reentry program.

Born deaf and mute, and post a multitude of surgeries, she heard her first sounds at the age of 5. Through struggling and surviving abuse by men, and coming out of a 23 year meth addiction, this energizer bunny dynamo woman of God is the backbone of the residential houses and mom to over 60 men. She now holds an LCDC certification and college degree, and that is after serving time in prison!

A true story of unrelenting passion, which she describes accurately as ‘something for which you are willing to suffer’, you will be enthralled as you listen in on a most compelling and motivating life completely given over to Christ and His restorative power.

Episode 5: 6th time's the charm

A child tries to cross the street alone, a parent yanks them back and sternly, but lovingly, and let’s him/her know the danger of the street. The Child never crosses the street again.

A young adult goes to a party, there’s drinks being past around, they’re under 21; but hey, it’s a party. The police show up and put the young adult in the squad car to scare some sense into them. The young adult decides to wait till they turn 21 for their next drink.

You know, most people are able to learn from a parent’s loving discipline, or even the authorities staunch warning and turn their behavior patterns around in the right direction. Count yourself blessed if this was/is you. However, not everyone is able to do this.

Some, it takes that final breakdown, that 6th arrest that finally lands them in prison, for it finally to click. And when it does they truly want to make a change. But how do they do that as they walk out of the prison gate with nothing? Who will help?

This is reentry restoration of Cayman.

Episode 4: Man could not write this story

I had so much, too much. No sordid past, no obvious triggers. A wife, kids, 2 masters degrees paired with a successful job. Grew up in a Christian home, and would definitely claim it as my ‘religion’. Comfort, ease, family…

Then I said “hi :)” online. And over a two year period I spent night after night wondering how it could have gone so wrong. But Christ, He came a pulled me out, and I accepted. Not as a way out of jail, but as a way out of the pit in my own mind, and completely renewed.

Now, I can’t even imagine or literally comprehend the thoughts and actions of my former life. A story no man could write, and He has brought back to Himself, to life, and even greater meaning, purpose, and success. My name is Erik, this is the story of my reentry.

Episode 3: I fell in love with a horse and got 2 99s

John was the example American cowboy: raised by two loving parents, ‘saved’ at 9, had a wife and three daughters, and financially/career sucessful. But a downward spiral had already begun, and it all started from loving a horse.

Are we ever too far gone? Can we run, hide, or defy so much that Jesus finally lets go? John and his story shows us this can never be true. Christ will always draw us out to draw us in; and sometimes that means drawing us out of our own depravity, into prison, and back into Himself.

*Be advised* Some subject matter could be unsuitable for younger audiences.

Episode 2: 3 Things Known

This week you have the privilege hearing the story of Juan, who has known a grand total of three things throughout his entire life: gangs, prison, and Chains of Grace. Through his miraculous tale, we hope you gain a clearer understanding of God works in and through the mess to come and rescue all who are willing. This is the heart of Chains of Grace, our mission, and your opportunity to partner with us.

Episode 1: 'Those People'

Introducing the Chains of Grace ‘Re-entry’ podcast as an avenue to change the story of how we see and understand ‘those people’ coming out of incarceration and back into society. Explaining that the stories and aspects listeners hear will show why this is relevant to our everyday lives, and give them opportunities how everyone can and should be a part of this ministry.